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You are an expert in the art of detecting any bug? We are looking for an E-Commerce Tester M/F.


Within the Projects & Transverse Acceptance division, you will join the team in charge of the acceptance of a large-scale e-commerce site. You will collaborate in the recipe synthesis.

Your main missions will be based on the business needs expressed by the user stories:

  1. Write the test scenarios,
  2. Execute test campaigns,
  3. Identify anomalies along the way and qualify and track anomalies,
  4. Prepare the data sets required for the execution of the tests,
  5. Perform non-regression tests,
  6. Maintain our test repository,
  7. Apply and improve existing testing procedures to ensure quality and functionality of updates.

The main scope of revenue will be :

  1. The Front Office part (website),
  2. The back office part (parameterization, control),
  3. Inter-application flows,
  4. Cross-application recipes (e.g. Hybris / Mirakl) in connection with the website.


General knowledge of computer technologies: Unix system / notion of 3-tier architecture / ETL. 

Notion of programming (Java, SQL, shell, JS, HTML, CSS...)

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