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You have a first successful experience in a Scrum team? We are looking for a Scrum Master M/F


  1. Lead and guide the Scrum team in the use of agile methods and Scrum practices
  2. Help the product owner and development team to satisfy customers
  3. Lead Scrum and development teams in self-organization
  4. Remove obstacles and train the Scrum team to do so
  5. Helping Scrum and development teams identify and close gaps in the agile software infrastructure
  6. Resolve conflicts and problems that arise
  7. Help the Scrum team to reach a higher level of Scrum maturity
  8. Assist the product owner and provide instruction when needed


  1. The ability to analyze and reflect quickly and to resolve conflicts
  2. A solid knowledge of techniques to fill the gaps in Scrum
  3. The ability to determine what is Scrum and what is not
  4. Experience in successful agile techniques
  5. The ability to work with and lead a team
  6. Strong interpersonal and mentoring skills
  7. The ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment
  8. Self-motivation and the ability to stay focused despite environmental distractions
  9. Have / be comfortable with IT jargon related to backend and frontend developments (API, DB, Infrastructure, Project Management) would be highly appreciated
  10. Knowledge of SAFe / Lean would be appreciated


PSM Scrum / SAFe Certificate 


At least 3 years experience in managing Scrum / SAFe agile projects

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